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                                   Furniture Quote Link


     North Hampton Chair & Half                North Hampton Chair          North Hampton Chair & Quarter
      43"W x 30"D x 47"H                            31"W x 30"D x 47"H                     36"W x 30"D x 47"H
     Seat: 31"W x 22"D x 21"H                 Seat: 21"W x 22"D x 21"H           Seat: 25"W x 22"D x 21"H
   Buffalo Check Mustard/Tan            Concord Coverlet Black       Gingham Check Black/Mustard

            North Hampton Collection Also available in Settle and Sofa
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                  Public House Chair                                                    Public House Settle
                     33"W x 32"D x 50"H                                                56"W x 32"D x 53"H                               
                  Seat: 21"W x 20"D x 19"H                                      Seat 44"W x 20"D x 19"H
                  Shown in Quilt Red                                          Shown in Reflections Chenille

          Marlbo Chair                       Hearthside Chair                   Country Classic
       28"W X 31"D X 49"H                              28"W X 29"D X 48"H                   32"W X 30"D X 47"H
   Seat: 18"W X 22"D X 19"H              Seat: 19"W X 22"D X 21"H             Seat: 20"W X 22"D X 20"H

                                                 Sewing Chairs 
                              Shown on the left without Tick Cushion on the right with Tick Cushion  

                                                          32"W X 25"D X 58"H

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Center Inn Gent Chair                                              Center Inn Gent Sofa
      31"W X 30"D X 50"H                                                  68"W X 30"D X 50"H
    Seat:19"W X 20"D X 20"H                                      Seat: 56"W X 20"D X 20"H
   Fabric shown Pineapple Red/Tan                     Fabric shown  Quilt Mustard
                                                                                                 Also Available in Settle
   Center Inn Gent Footstool                                          53"W X 30"D X 50"H
    18"W x 19"H x 14"D                                                   Seat: 41"W X 20"D X 20"H    
                                          Furniture Quote Link
           Jacobean Chair                                      Jacobean Settle
           24"W x 28"D x 49"H                                               46"W x 28" D x 49"H    
        Seat: 20"W x 17"D x 19"H                                    
Seat 42"W x 17"D x 19"H
                                                                                        Fabric Reflections Chenille    
                                                         Jacobean Footstool
                                                       22"W X 16"D X 171⁄2"H
                                                        Fabric Stencil Tan/Black

       Large Wing Recliner                            Recliner in Reclining Position
              35"W X 37"D X 44"H
         Seat: 21"W X 21"D X 19"H
        Fabric Little Petals Red/Tan

                Small Wing Recliner                                       Recliner in Reclined Position
                31" W x 36"D x 42" H
       Seat: 20"W x 21"D x 18 1/2" H

                                   Furniture Quote Link  
         Pillow Back Recliner                           Flat Back Recliner
              34 W x 36D x 45 H                                               34 W x 36D x 45 H

     Buffalo Check  Mustard/Tan               

       Colony Classic Chair                                     Jamestown Chair
           31"W x 34"D x 49"H                                                 32"W x 36"D x 49"H
              Fabric Stencil Red/Tan                                           Fabric 1806 Tan/Black
                         Check out the Settle Collection

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                              Custom  Furniture
Our furniture is manufactured for us by quality frame makers and upholsters who have been working at their craft for over 30 years and they are constructed in North Carolina and Ohio. We use solid wood maple and a 8 way hand tied construction.
Our Production time is generally 8 weeks and allow 2 weeks for shipping. If fabric is on back order this can delay production by a couple of weeks. We use a white glove shipping service who will carry the furniture into your house.
We can make up our furniture in any of the fabrics you choose from our site. 
Price on the furniture will be determined by fabric chosen. 
All orders are custom made just for you, therefore all sales are final.
Furniture Price Quote
Please Fill out the contact us form by double clicking on the Furniture Price Quote above and be sure to include in the comments section the style of furniture and the fabric you would like.




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