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                   CUSTOM CURTAINS                  
We will make Custom Curtains for you using any of our       
        materials or you can purchase the fabrics by the yard.                                                                                                                           


  Here are just a few photos to show you the styles and fabrics that   you can have custom made into curtains.
       On the left the curtains were made with tobacco cloth and on the right is washed linen. The tobacco cloth is actually very shear and not as see thru as the washed linen. In this photo the tobacco cloth picture was at night and the washed linen during the day with sunlight.  
      You will notice on the left that the curtain is gathered up with a piece of the material and this is a fuller look than the photo on the right where there are small loops on the inside bottom left and right of the curtains that you just pull up to the desired height that you like.
       To get a quote please measure your window size and choose the style you would like and fill out the contact us link and under comments list your measurements and  fabric choice.
        Close up view of tobacco cloth in day light same as above left just photo taken mid day with sunlight.

                            More photos coming soon


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