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MAKE DO CHAIR COLLECTION                            
           Make Do Side Chair                Make Do Wing Chair                   Make Do Arm Chair              23"W x 20"D x 48"H                                          23"W x 20"D x 48"H                                   23"W x 20"D x 48"H       
    Seat 18" W x 16" D x 19" H                          Seat 18" W x 16" D x 19"H                              Seat 18" W x 16" D x 19"H
Fabric Pineapple Mustard/Tan                  Fabric 1806 Tan/Black                          Fabric Reflections Chenille

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                Make Do Woodstock Settle                           Make Do Woodstock Chair       
                         48"W X 22"D X 49"H                                                                    32"W X 21"D X 49"H
                           Seat: 33"W X 16"D X 21"H                                                         Seat: 17"W X 17"D X 20"H      
            Fabric Lovers Knot Black/Mustard                                         Fabric Buffalo Check Black/Mustard
                                                               Furniture Quote Link 

         Make Do Woodstock Chair                            Make Do Woodstock Chair
                 32"W X 21"D X 49"H                                                                          32"W X 21"D X 49"H  
                Seat: 17"W X 17"D X 20"H                                                            Seat: 17"W X 17"D X 20"H  
                 Fabric Reflections Chenille                                                                   Fabric Concord Black
   Make Do Woodstock Footstool                               
                                                                                12"W X 18"D X 15"H    
                                                      Fabric Reflections Chenille   
        To get a quote on any Upholstered Furniture please go to the Contact Link
       and under Comments Section please list the Name of the Furniture as well
                                           as the Fabric you would like on it.
                To see a collection of all the Fabric Choices in the Period Fabrics
                         Please check out the links Solids/Checks/Tapestries
                                         as well as the Reversible Fabrics

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