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* Sample Request
                 List Fabric Name, Color & Size of Sample
              4x4 $1 each 10x10 $5 each or Designer $3 each

*Bedding Quotes
  Please list in the enter comment here section the width and length of the desired bed coverlet or bed spread as well as the material you would like it in.
Sham or pillow bolster please indicate the size of your pillow.

*Furniture Quote
             List Name of the Item you would like a Quote
                         on as well as your Fabric Choices.

*Any Questions or Items you would like to Order
              List detailed ? or information on what you
                            would like to order.

Once we receive your request you will receive our invoice email to make your payment on our secure site for your samples request or you will receive an email with quotes for you to review.

If for any reason you would prefer not to input your c/c information please let us know in the comments section and we will contact you by phone to accept your payment.

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