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                 Public House Settle                                                              Public House Chair                  

            56"W x 32"D x 53"H                                                                 33"W x 32"D 50"H                        
        Seat: 44"W x 20"D x 19"H                                                     Seat: 21"W x 20"D x 19"H  
        Shown in Reflections Chenille                                                     Shown in Quilt Red

              Center Inn Gent Sofa                                         Center Inn Gent Chair            
             68"W X 30"D X 50"H                                                                      31"W X 30"D X 50"H 
          Seat: 56"W X 20"D X 20"H                                                           Seat:19"W X 20"D X 20"H      
          Fabric shown  Quilt Mustard                                                Fabric shown Pineapple Red/Tan
              Also Available in Settle
            Settle Size No Middle Leg                                                              Center Inn Gent Footstool          

               53"W X 30"D X 50"H                                                                              18"W x 19"H x 14"D     
           Seat: 41"W X 20"D X 20"H

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                                                                    North Hampton Settle
                                                                 64:  64"W X 30"D X 45"H
                                                               Seat: 51"W X 22"D X 21"H
                                        Fabric shown Stencil Black/Mustard *Turned Legs Standard
                                                  Also available in Sofa 75: 75"W x 30"D x 48"H 
                                                                   Seat:65"W x 22"D x 21"H
                               North Hampton Chair                            North Hampton Chair & Quarter             
                                      31" W x 30"D x 47" H                                       36"W x 30"D x 47"H
                                  Seat: 21"W x 22"D x21"H                               Seat: 25"W x 22"D x21"H
                      Fabric Shown Concord Black                 Fabric Shown Gingham Check Black/Mustard         
                                    Northampton Chair and Half
                          43" W x 30"D x 47" H   Seat: 31" W x 22" D x 21" H
                                  Fabric shown Buffalo Check Mustard/Tan

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                                    Jacobean Settle                                                  Jacobean Chair
                     46"W x 28" D x 49"H                                       24"W x 28"D x 49"H  
                     Seat 42"W x 17"D x 19"H                               Seat: 20"W x 17"D x 19"H
Fabric Reflections Chenille                       

       Heart of Massachusetts Settle                                                           Berkshire Settle
             48"W x 34"D x 48"H                                                                       60”W X 26”D X 35”H
         Seat: 40"W x 23"D x 20"H                                                         Seat: 52”W X 20”D X 19”H
  Fabric Shown Little Petals Black/Tan                                 Also Available in 82" Sofa
                                                                                                       82"W x 26"D x 35"H Seat 74"W x 20"D x 19"H

                                                                Furniture Quote Link 

                                             Barrel Settles                                                                        Barrel Chair
                                      65"W X 23"D X 45"H                                                       28" W x 23" D x 45" H
                            Seat: 55"W X 19"D X 18"H                                               Seat:18"W x 19"D x 18"H
ailable in 46" No Middle Leg                                     Fabric Historic Flame Upgrade
                                46"W X 23"D X 45"H
                            Seat: 36"W X 19"D X 18"H
                      Fabric Shown Reflections Chenille

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                  Westboro Settle                                                              Westboro Chair                                                      58"W x 25"d x 33"H                                                 24"W X 25"D X 49"H
                Seat:52"W x 22"D x 18"H                                                   Seat: 21"W X 21"D X 17"H                              Seat" 52"w X 22"D X 1                                       Seat: 21"W x 21"D x 17"H
                                             Both Pieces are Shown with Customer Own Material     

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                                                                               Chippendale Settle      
                                                                              54: 54"W X 29"D X 35"H

Seat: 41"W X 20"D X 17"H
65: 65"W X 29"D X 35"H
Seat: 52"W X 20"D X 17"H
Also Available in Sofa
76: 76"W X 29"D X 35"H

                    Seat: 63"W X 20"D X 17"H                

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                                  Colony Classic Settle                                                  Colony Classic Chair
                               58 W x  34D x 49H                                                                            31"W x 34"D x 49"H                      
                      Fabric  Concord Mustard                                                            Fabric Stencil Red/Tan                       

      Jamestown Settle                                                      Jamestown Chair                      
           58"W x 36"D x 49"H                                                        32"W x 36"D x 49"H                   
      Fabric Little Petals Red/Tan                                   Fabric 1806 Tan/Black                     

        Also Available in 76" See Sofa Collection

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Traditional Wing Back Settle                                 Traditional Wing Chair

                              58"W x 34"D x 43"H                                                                   34'W x 34"D x 43"H
          Fabric Buffalo Check Black/Tan                                                             Fabric Quilt Red
Ottoman 26"W x19"D x19"H
                                                                          Furniture Quote Link  

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